Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I was honored to receive the 2009 Outstanding Dietitian award from the West Virginia Dietetic Association. For my layout I used digital paper and embellishments with a "Lucky" theme.

I'm lucky to have a supportive family. I'm lucky to be a member of an association with many hard working dietitians dedicated to improving the health of the people of our state. I'm lucky to eat at the Health Sciences Center Cafeteria everyday. I'm lucky to have a staff who make the healthy recipes I create look and taste good. I'm lucky to have customers who appreciate the healthy offerings and who insist on menu labeling at point of service.

The best part of receiving this award was that Bob was just as excited as I was. He came to the annual meeting, took pictures of all, and presented me with a bouquet of flowers.

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Helen said...

Congratulations, Cindy! This was well-deserved. And how sweet of Bob to attend the awarding ceremony. I bet he was proud. Yay for Cindy, outstanding dietitian of the year!!