Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Not So Perfect

I probably didn't spend enough time in my garden this summer, but I did take the time to photograph the beautiful swallowtail on the butterfly bush. The tail was missing a piece but was beautiful just the same. "None of us are perfect, but beautiful in the eyes of those who love us."

Scrapbook note: For the butterfly embellishments, I cut the butterfly out of other frames I took, creased them slightly and painted the photo with varnish.

Digital frames are from Cottage Arts and 2 Peas in a Bucket (Jen Allyson).


Helen said...

Another excellent and indeed, beautiful page. Also really like that quote.

Helen said...

I forgot to ask what is the faint white embellishment on the top of the page?

Cindy Gay said...

That's a mask by Tim Holz. It's plastic with a sticky back that you temporarily stick on the paper and paint over. I used a light blue texture paste that didn't really show up that well.........but I think I'm going to get my use out of these.