Wednesday, June 2, 2010

1908 Miles Thru Windows

It kept us awake, taking pictures from the vehicle windows. It helped us notice and remember details of the 7 state trip west and north. Morgantown to Minneapolis. Farms, water, rocks, pine trees and scenery we'd never seen before. Memorial day weekend 2010.

Digital Elements (J. Brisebois "Old Movie Frames")


Peggy said...

Hi Cindy! Thanks for following my blog and always leaving me such supporting comments! I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I'm not really what you could call the organized type, sorry!!!
This LO is beautiful, I love the strips, and I particularly love the pictures and the idea of shooting pics of the scenery through the vehicle window ... genius!
I've signed up as your follower, so I'm sure you'll see a lot more of me in the future!
xxx Peggy

Anonymous said...

Love these multi-photos lo!! berautiful design!!

Darlene Servolini said...

I love how you did this layout! This is the best idea for all of my million scenery pictures that I never know what to do with. Beautifully done! :)

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

What a fun idea for a layout!! Just love what you've done here!!

~Gabrielle xx

Beata said...

What a trip you had! I'm jealous:) I love your LO though;) Such a great keepsake.

Darien said...

Love the Fantastic Pictures!!!!! Beautiful design!!!!