Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So Hard to Describe

Bob worked Greg's graduation and asked a University photographer to take a picture of he & Greg after he got his diploma. Bob had to go back to work after that, but first came up into the stands to find me and place his hand on my shoulder.

The quote came from an old friend, commenting with other parents on Facebook:

"The pride a parent feels at the accomplishments of their children is so powerful yet so hard to describe."--George Carmack

This layout was inspired by my friend Mireille on

Digital Elements (7 Gypsies Angelo brush) (Little Dreamer Designs Jackie Eckles Canvas Overlay)


Anonymous said...

I totaly love this lo Cindy!! You are so blessed of having two wonderful boys my friend!
Love reading your description, beautiful quote too!!
Hugs to you and have a wonderful weekend!!

Darlene Servolini said...

I love how tender the quote is. Isn't parenthood wonderful? I hope it never gets old. :)