Monday, December 20, 2010

the 50s "Pretend & Play. Home & Mom"

Those of us born in the 1950s remember Ed Sullivan, TV dinners & the polio vaccine. I was to young to remember Rosa Parks and even the Civil Right Act.

Here's some of what I remember from my early childhood:
"We lived in a house near my father's garage. My sister, Terry, was five years older. When she was in school, I sang to records, played on the swing set and played cowboys with the neighbor boy. Going to school at age six was tough for me being separated from my mother for the first time."

Bob remembers:
"I played with toy guns and soldiers, matchbox cars and tanks. I had many neighborhood friends in St. Albans. Steve Woodard was my best friend. In the picture where I'm looking out the window, I was vacationing in Florida and got the mumps. The group shot is my Kindergarten class at St. Andrew's Methodist Church."

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