Sunday, April 17, 2011


This page is inspired by the layout "Design your own life" by Flying Unicorn. Lyrics "Your face, shining like that lighthouse" are from Kenny Chesney's "Seven days". Photos by my son Greg.

Journaling: "Greg & Michelle visit one of their favorite getaway spots in Duluth. April 2011"

To create the lighting effects on the lighthouse photo and the photo of Michelle I used Photoshop filters. Go to "Filters" "Render" "Lighting effects" "Spotlight" and "Omni".

Digital Elements (Cottage Arts "Main Street" "Embroidery Pack 2)


Debbie said...

Love this one Cindy!!! Thanks for sharing the photo effect!!! I have photo shop but know so little about it. I followed your instructions and gave it a try on a picture!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Karen Shady said...

love this Cindy... these photo aare fabulous too :)

Char said...

Beautiful LO! I love the addition of the song words!

Margo said...

Hi Cindy,
I was on holiday, so didn't completely dissapear :)
I'm back now and I love the LO's you have made !
Specially the ones for your son's book, I wonder what he will say once it's finished, it's such a lovely keepsake !

Mary said...

Cindy..What a wonderful page!! Sweet pictures as well!

Tracey ~ GardenOfGrace said...

Gorgeous LO. Love how you used the filmstrip tape and the lighting in your photos. Thanks for the info on how to do it!