Sunday, January 29, 2012

Liebster Award

Last week I received an award from my scrappy friend Lynn at "Scrappyhappymom". Lynn makes beautiful creations in a romantic style with lots of pretty colors and always displays gratitude. To her I say thank you!

With this award, I am charged to pass it forward to 5 other bloggers. The first person is Marek at "Scrapden", who does beautiful work in layouts, books and mixed media, at which she is a true artist.

Anna at "Pictures N Papers" takes beautiful photos and designs to perfection.

Sue at "Suecraftstuff" makes layouts about her family and pet and also has talents in wood crafting which she says she inherited from her Dad.

My friend Carmen at "Scrap Joy" is just that. Shes takes great joy in her husband of many years, her son & fiance, her friends and siblings and her travels. Her layouts are fun.

My friend Mika at "This is Me!" says scrapping is the best thing that ever happened to her. On her blog, you'll find pages featuring her darling children, pretty cards and pretty Mika!

Finally, I'm featuring a picture of me Friday at work. I was exhausted that morning, arriving at work bright and early and trying to do a million things before traveling off site to a job fair. It was pouring down the rain and the wind was blowing, so I parked by the building, went into our kitchen, checked the serving area, conducted a production meeting, sorted and planned for use of leftovers, made nutrition labels--all in the course of barely an hour. When I went to my car, I had a ticket, so I found the officer doing our money run and pleaded with him to help me out. When I got to the job fair, I chugged an awful cup of coffee and did my thing. Bob's boss took this picture of me, knowing that pictures of family members of the newspapers' employees can't run in the paper, and printed it for me. While I'm not the governor of Arizona (pointing my finger) and I'm certainly not a queen, you make me feel that way with the comments you leave on my layouts.

Thank you my scrappy friends!


scrappyhappymom said...

I love that photo Cindy! You do look like the mayor! You special to me and such a wonderful scrappy friend! You more than deserve this award!

MAREK said...

Thank you for the lebster Award!!!! I love to see your creation !!!

Amy said...

What a great pic of you! You are the QUEEN! :-)

Anonymous said...

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Chantal Vandenberg said...

Congratulations!!! :D

Anna C said...

Thank you for the award. I appreciate your kind words. I am running a few days behind here on blogger. So sorry that I am late in responding to your award. Thanks again.

Sue Griffiths said...

Thank you so much for the award Cindy, I appreciate it so much, you are such a true scrap friend!!