Friday, November 2, 2012

Hybrid Tutorial: Adding Digital Frames

It was the eighth time the family had gathered at the nephews' pub in Keyser, WV. What a fun family tradition this is. Since the name of the pub is "Clancy's," the song title, "Here's to you Clancy," was fitting!

I made this layout to display pictures of my family members who attended. I was able to capture 16 photos of family members on my layout by placing those images in digital film negatives. My finished layout has photos of over 20 family members on one page! 

To create the digital film negatives, determine the width of the negative you want and size.  
Determine the photo size. An easy way to do this is to crop the inside of one of the frames, then click on image size. 
Crop each photo that same size. Paste it behind the negative.
Crop and repeat. Print the negatives and hand cut around each. The slide image on my layout is also a digital frame. The journaling block is a digital image on which I typed my journaling. I adhered the negatives, journaling block, slide and title alphas to my paper, added a border and a few studs.

This article is published in this month's issue of  Editor Stefan Harlan seeks new talent and blogs to feature in their monthly international publication. 

Happy Friday!


Charlotte Brochu said...

I love that filmstrip look! They stand out so well on your layout! You had asked the other day if I was in the photo...Yes I was! Bottom photo on the left!

Lynn said...

Cindy, this is fabulous! I love how you got so many photos of your family in this layout. Thanks for sharing your tutorial. I'm trying to dabble in the digi world, but am so lost! You make it all look so easy!

Sharon Fritchey said...

Thank you got the tutorial, Cindy!!! Your page is do creative, amazing, and full of wonderful memories!!

Kay said...

How very creative! Thanks for sharing! This is a fabulous way to incorporate multiple pictures into one page & the film strips look fabulous on your layout...awesome!

Heather McMahon said...

Thanks for the tutorial Cindy - love it! What great use you made of those film strips - great to get a record of so many family members on one layout!
I had to laugh at the last comment you left on my blog...By leaving out the letter "r", the beginning of your comment read "I love you 2.." Really, Cindy - we've never even met! Lol!

Keren Tamir said...

Cool thanks!!

Heather Landry said...

I absolutely LOVE the film strips on this page. You did an amazing job incorporating so many photos. I always love your tutorials!

MARILYN said...

love the multiple pics...Thanks for the tuto....Fabulous work!!!xoxo

JustYolie said...

I love the filmstrip! Fab idea! :)