Thursday, April 4, 2013

Eastertide (& a Polymer Clay Tutorial)

It wasn't a bad winter here in West Virginia, yet Spring has been long coming.  Bob took this picture just last week.  

The poem is called "Eastertide" by Gladys Harp.  Here's an excerpt:
    "The resurrection of lost dreams,
     of flowers, leaves and grass;
     The end of strife, the dawn of peace,
     that now has come to pass."

The "E" in the title is a polymer clay tile.

To create these neat embellishments, I roll a piece of polymer clay through the "pasta" machine that's designed specifically for clay.  It rolls the clay evenly and smoothly.  These machines are available at Michaels. . . a great use of the 40% off coupons!

Stamp the clay.  I used a chalk ink.

Cut around the stamped image.

Bake according to package instructions.  Mine was baked in the toaster oven for 35 minutes at 275 degrees (after I cooked dinner!).  Varnish.

Here's another quick tutorial:   It's a really easy way to make your own embellishments.  The excess clay can be stored in ziploc bags.

Our weather is warming up.  Tomorrow I'm taking my winter coat to the cleaner.


Heather Landry said...

I love how you stamped on the clay! Thanks so much for the fun tutorial Cindy.

Margo said...

Waaw Cindy, very cool how you did that letter !
Lovely LO !

Charlotte Brochu said...

Super cute embellishment and thanks for sharing how you did it! Spring has been long in coming here too. We just got another dump of snow with more expected!

Lydia said...

Oh the possibilities, great little embellishment!!

Sharon "Fritchey" said...

WOW Cindy! I absolutely love the photo! You scrapped it beautifully! I did not know that there is a specific "pasta rolling" machine for polymer clay! Wow! I learn something new every day. Your layout is just spectacular!

Sandie Edwards said...

What an amazing photograph and I love how you scrapped it... love the tutorial.... beautiful!!

Sue Griffiths said...

Wicked Cindy ! love the clay letters, absolutely adore that photo !!! hteshe 855