Friday, April 26, 2013

Finally Spring

The colorful spring blossoms on the trees and ground may only last a week, so we made a mission to get out and absorb the beauty.

Photos are from 1) Friendship Hill 2) Ritter Park in Huntington where the robins were feasting on worms after a flash flood! 3) WVU Campus.  The ornamental pear trees at WVU Hospitals, where I work, were simply gorgeous. . . but only bloomed for a week.  We made a point of going there on a Saturday so that I could get pictures to add to my internet menu.  Our menus are public, so you can check it (& the photos) at:

This page is modeled after Kelly Goree's  "Our Day" in Creating Keepsakes magazine.

When I walk through the parking lot in the afternoon when I get off work, I make sure I stay off my phone, look at the beautiful blossoms, and absorb the sunshine!


Lynn said...

What beautiful photos Cindy! They look amazing on your beautiful layout.

Heather Landry said...

I don't blame you for staying off of your phone so you can absorb the sunshine and beauty. Your layout is wonderful!

Debbie said...

Lovely layout Cindy! I've making sure lately whenever I go out that I have my camera with me to snap pictures of the Spring flowers and trees.