Saturday, October 12, 2013

Harvest Chicken with Olives, Grapes & Rosemary

Inspired by a recipe in Dash Recipes , I cooked this in the crock pot on low while we went to the theater!  I sprinkled a little brown sugar on the chicken breast, add kalamata olives, purple grapes, a green onion, fennel and rosemary.  It was delicious!

Served with brown rice and green beans.  I added a little sesame oil to the water to cook the rice.  The Green Beans are Del Monte canned without salt.  Served with a glass of skim milk and 7 Grain Bread from New Day Bakery with Benecol margarine.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Lynne J said...

Oh-I want to come to your house!! Looks great, Cindy!

Heather Landry said...

This recipe sounds yummy Cindy! Thanks for sharing all of your cooking tips with us.

Trish Ellen Castro said...

I saved my edition of DASH just to make this recipe. It was so good and I will make it again. Next time I might use chicken with the skin on but the recipe worked with skin off too. I just added more chicken broth to keep it moist.