Monday, February 1, 2016

January Cards

My older sister Terry was 67 years old on January 10th.  A retired 1st grade teacher, Terry gives her all to her family.  This card is for her:

"Have a very happy birthday
And a year that is happy too.
These are the special wishes
sent with lots of love to you."

A former colleague, Maria, celebrated her birthday on the same day. Maria is a kind and sweet lady.

"Because you're so special
I hope your day holds in store
Many happy hours that overflow
With all you're wishing for.
And hope the days that follow it
Make up a year that brings,
Everything that you deserve
Full of happy days." 

Brenda retired from WVUH before I did.  Brenda is a gracious, kind and intelligent lady who now babysits grandchildren. This birthday card is for Brenda.

"I just can't think of anyone sweeter than you,
To wish a Happy Birthday to.
Wishing you a wonderful day
Full of surprises and happiness."

Wanda is my mother's friend who had major surgery this month with several months of recuperation to follow.  She is a strong lady who always took care of others. . . This card is for her.

"We send these get well wishes and praying for you too
For a speedy recovery for somebody as nice as you."

Jim is the entree cook at the Healthy Sciences Center who celebrates his birthday on Groundhogs Day.  This card is for Jim.  I actually cut apart a reusable grocery bag to get the canvas background on this card.  I love it!

"May today bring much pleasure
With moments to treasure,
For birthdays only come once a year.
So do things that make you smile.
Celebrate in the best of styles,
And make the memories to treasure forever."

Our youngest son Chris will be 23 years old on February 8th.  I made a scrapbook page of him featuring pictures of him when he was 1 year old.  He still has that same sweet smile.  I had one of the pictures leftover, which I featured on this birthday card.

"To think of all the happiness
That you've treasured and known.
Of all the warm and happy smiles
And thoughtfulness you've shown.
So when you think of us son
And we know you often do
Just remember that we are all
Always thinking of you!"

After the big snow storm, our neighbor Tom plowed the 1000 foot road to our development using a plow blade mounted on his 4-wheel. This card is a thank you for Tom.  I've found that people like cards with their picture.

"With more people in the world like you
It would be a much better place."  


Heather Landry said...

These cards are truly amazing! I really love how you personalize each one with a super sentiment. I'm sure everyone will adore their cards. Great job Cindy!

Margo said...

They are lovely ! I especially like the birthdaycard With your son's picture and the thank you card for your neighbour !

Tracey said...

Beautiful cards Cindy! Love the idea of adding a photo to the front.You have been busy!! Wow, you sure did get a lot of looks so pretty!

Connie Mercer said...

Gorgeous looking cards~ I think you can call yourself a cardmaker:)

MARILYN said...

Beautiful cards Cindy, for sure, you will make happy these lucky friends! xx

Beebeebabs said...

Very nice cards!!!