Monday, February 22, 2016

Home (Booklet)

In 2014 when our mortgage was paid, I made pages of all the places we lived in our early years of marriage.  While making the pages, I attempted to make a companion "home" booklet by downsizing the original images and journaling.That was a daunting project which remained unfinished.  This weekend, I completed the book.  

In 1984 when we built our home, we'd been married 8 years and lived in 3 different cities and 7 apartments. All our experiences and "homes" were good ones, all part of building Bob and Cindy and the bigger family to come.

We married on Labor Day 1976 after Bob's WVU graduation and my internship graduation.  We rented our first house in Morgantown with Bob's former roommate Kim upstairs.  Bob started work 1 day after the honeymoon, I had a month till mine began.  I taught myself to make bread and made dinner for the 3 of us.  We went to the shelter & adopted our first "child", whom we named Dallas.  I spent the year studying for my registration exam & adapting to my job as a clinical dietitian.  Bob began working for Steve Lorenze at Superior Photo and to this day we remain friends with the family.  

The little green house on White Ave. had once been quite a place.  Rows of grape vines, basement darkroom, wood floors.  Dallas and Tiki, the husky next door, started a family.  We had a cozy living room, a large kitchen and furnished dining room with plenty of windows and light.  It was the worst winter ever when Bob left for his job at the Huntington newspapers, but I was able to walk to town to take the bus to work.  I'd stop at Bailey's Grocery in South park and anxiously walk home to meet my pet.
May, 1977-February, 1978 

Our move to Hungtington WV was exciting as neither of us had lived here before.  We initially moved into a red brick duplex on the West Side.  The rooms were narrow and rather cramped.  We had a gas heater in the bedroom with a calming light that counter balanced the scanner with the loud alarms.  Two young men, Coolie and Earl, rented the other side of the house.  Earl, a former Marshall football player and Dallas shared Oreo cookies.  I worked at St. Mary's Hospital and Bob for the Herald Dispatch.  1978

I loved the location of our second Hungtington apartment as it was 4 blocks from downtown and 8 blocks from Ritter Park.  We walked Dallas to the Park and Bob and I walked to Torlones Bakery or the Arcade.  The living room had shag carpet even up the wall.  The bedroom had wide windows.  The kitchen was long and narrow with this "fruity" wallpaper.  1979  I scanned an actual piece of the wallpaper I saved in a memory book to use for the borders of this page.

Our Henson Avenue apartment in South Charleston was so nice.  The rooms were big and spacious with wood floors.  We even had a room in the basement for our first washer and dryer.  Bob worked at the Charleston Daily Mail, where he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.  I traveled the state as a consultant for the Child Nutrition Programs.  1980

In fall of 1981 we moved back to Morgantown when Bob entered grad school and I had a couple consulting jobs.  We were poor but happy to be back to the college town where we met.  This apartment in the bottom floor of a big house had beautiful wood floors and doors and two large rooms.  It was located on South High, just across the bridge from the main street of downtown.  We spent 1 semester and Christmas here after which the heat gave out and we had to move.

The 2 story house on Sabraton Avenue had a large kitchen downstairs and a large bedroom upstairs.  The other rooms were small.  The kitchen had a window to the living room where we ate some of our meals.  I liked the neighborhood and my neighbor Mary.  Bob began teaching at Waynesburg College and I was WVU's first Dining Hall Dietitian.  1982-1984.
The collage of photos are the different stages of building, from picking out our lot by the woods, through digging the foundation, cement block, floor, walls, decks and brick
siding, paint, cabinets and the first blade of grass. The last picture was of Bob's 30th birthday, just before we moved in.

The "list" Bob is holding has final "to dos" our contractors wrote on a block of wood in 1984. I still have the block of wood and the scan of it is under the first hinged piece of my layout. Some of the to dos are crossed off. Some our still visible, "Clean upstairs and down", "Landscape", "Scrape windows" are a few I can read.  

My list is complete yet ongoing. Dreams we've captured in our little home of 30 years:
Decorate in our personal style.
Make it comfortable.
Dine in.
Plant flowers.
Feed the birds.
Walk our country road and hill.
Raise a family.
Come home at the end of our shifts.
Make home sanctuary. 

Think we've done ok.1984-2014.  

Inside Cover
All of the homes are linked to my scrapbook blog and the pages I made and posted 2 years ago.


Connie Mercer said...

Such an awesome idea. Love that you have documented every home you lived in.

Trish said...

What a wonder book you have created,you do tell the best stories,Your family are so lucky that you have so many wonderful memories to look back on

Trish said...

Whoops meant to say wonderful typo!😀

Susanne said...

This is just the most awesome mini-album. Kudos on completing it.

Heather Landry said...

Oh this mini album is such a treasure! I really love every wonderful story that you included. Great job!!!

Heather McMahon said...

Oh wow Cindy - what an amazing project! This is a real labour of love. It's a fabulous idea and you finished it perfectly!

Papercrafting Princess said...

Love how you told your story in the album...Priceless!

Donna Spina Lebeduik said...

Wow! Totally awesome project. Absolutely amazing!

Beebeebabs said...

Very nice as always!!!

Sharon Fritchman said...

I absolutely LOVE this amazing and creative album, Cindy!