Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February Cards

Brandy is an HSC Cafeteria employee-a bright, 30-something mother of 2 girls.  She could work in any position.  The lead inventory control specialist called her "Princess".  I don't think she minded the term.  So for her birthday, I chose pretty pink "princess" type elements.

"This card is sent to you today
With best wished so sincere
To wish you a happy birthday
And love and laughter all year."

 This Valentine is for our son Greg and his lovely wife Michelle.

"This special card 
Is sent your way.
Filled with love
This Valentine's Day."

This card is for the Director of the Senior Center where I take my Mom.  Diana is a lovely lady who had surgery and was off for 5 weeks.  Diana truly helps the senoirs she serves.

"Sending get well wishes
To brighten up your day
Hope they find you happy
And feeling better in every way."

This is the Valentine I made for Mom.

"You are so very special
And this card has come your way.
Loaded with hugs and kisses
Because it's Valentine's Day."

The Valentine for the love of my life, Bob.

"My heart belongs just for you
I've loved you from the start,
Since we met, my world's complete
Through life, we will never part." 

This is the Valentine for our sweet son Chris.

"Valentine wishes are sent to you,
To let you know
How much we love you so."

Our son Greg was 29 on February 23rd.  This is the birthday card for Greg.

"Think of all that you have done
That have made each and every year a memorable one.
Looking to the future may you find it holds in store
So many new experiences of happiness and more."

I volunteered to make thank you cards for the speakers at our annual WV Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics meeting in April.  These are the cards, all with food ephemera, and blank on the inside right where the program chair can hand write a note.

 My sister Terry's husband Nelson has a birthday Friday.  He is a prominent business man and attorney.  

"To help you celebrate
This card is sent to say
May good luck and good fortune
Always with you stay.
May you find much joy and happiness
In everything you do.
And in this card is all our love
Sent especially to you." 


Trish said...

Your cards are beautiful Cindy

Beebeebabs said...

Beautiful cards!!!

MARILYN said...

So pretty cards!!! For sure Brandy will love the princess card, what a sweet detail from you. I've been making cards lately, it's a therapy colored imagines.... take care!xxx :)

Diane said...

Wonderful collection of card designs Cindy.

Hugs Diane

Sharon Fritchman said...

Beautiful cards for February, Cindy! I love how they each found a wonderful recipient, too!