Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hug an Irishman

When I visited my Mom last week she was feeling low and did not really feel like going out.  I knew she needed to see her friends, so we made our weekly trip to the Tri-Towns Senior Center.  When she got on the elevator, there was a life size inflatable Irishman.  Mom smiled and asked me to take her picture.  She said..........that's all I wanted to do today was "hug an Irishman".

Mom's maiden name is "Mullan". The Mullan ancestors came from Ireland.

March 2016


Beebeebabs said...

Very nice layout!!!

Heather McMahon said...

I think your mum has the same sense of humour as you! Fabulous!

Susanne said...

Bless her heart - what a lovely thing to make her happy. Great page.

Connie Mercer said...

so sweet Cindy!!! Love your pages!