Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2 New Blog Awards

My new friend Debbie at passed these 2 awards on to me.

Now I am to list 7 things about myself and then pass this award on to 5 bloggers who I think are terrific for the Versatile Blogger and list three things about me and post a picture of something I love for the Cherry On Top Award, and pass it on to five people. So I'm going to do like Debbie did and combine them all:

Here are 10 random things about myself:
1. I am a busy buddy.
2. I am a planner.
3. I have a very young voice.
4. I am petite.
5. I am a Pisces.
6. I am a healthy eater.
7. I prefer whole grains to white grains.
8. My one vice is coffee.
9. I am a day dreamer.
10. I used to worry, but scrapbooking keeps me from doing this.

Now I will pass these awards on to 5 friends:
Darlene at
BeeBeeBabs at
Darian at
Scrappyhappymom at
Amanda at
My blog is full of pictures of people and things I love.

Thank you for visiting and sharing!


Darlene Servolini said...

Your random facts were cute to me. I wouldn't have guessed those things about you. :)

Thank you sooooo much for these awards and for always stopping by my little space and sprinkling so much love! :) ::HUG::

I think you're pretty awesome as well! :)

Darien said...

Hi Cindy!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! And Thank you so much for the Awards!!! They mean a lot to me!!!!! You made my day!!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!! Cant wait to share them!!!!

Kay said...

Congrats on those awards! I have a vice for coffee I'm another java addict...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Cindy!! very well deserved my friend!!
Have a great weekend!

gr8mom52 said...

Hi Cindy! Thank you so much for the nice comment you left on my blog. Yes, we have been married for 38 years...has it been easy? No! As you know, marriage is a commitment that has to start with the mind set of giving it a chance to work. I think that is one of the errors that young couples make today, they don't look at it as a commitment and before giving it a chance to work they are looking for an attorney. It took years before I looked at my husband as my mother, my father, my brother and my soul mate. After that period it does not get easy it is my life.
Congratulations to you and your hubby.