Monday, July 19, 2010

How cold's the water?

Michelle's Godmother tells me that when Michelle was young she would jump into water no matter how cold it was. I don't think she intended to get wet all over in the frigid waters of Lake Superior.

How cold's the water? The water at Lake Superior never gets above 40 degrees, even in the summer. Michelle intended to wade but slipped and got wet all over! She still has that big smile in the photo and in the family portrait with her parents. Photos by Greg on the Minnesota/ Canadian border in Native American territory. The fort is where early trades occurred between the British and the Indians.


Digital Element (Michelle Coleman "Grungy Overlay")


Peggy said...

Such beautiful pictures, it must be so lovely there!!! Love that big smile on Michelle's face, even after falling in that cold cold water!
xxx Peggy

Debbie said...

Wonderful layout Cindy and love that you were able to incorporate so many photos! Thanks for your sweet words on the passing of my father in law.

TesaB said...

Fantastic double pager!!! Love the design with all those beautiful photos and fun stories (poor thing!!!). Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!!!