Friday, February 11, 2011

C & C

Our youngest son Chris was 18 this week. The weather was cold and snowy and the school board called a snow day. We told him it was a holiday recognizing his milestone. Bob worked late, so Chris and I went to eat at Black Bear Burritos, then posed for a self portrait when we returned home.

"At 18 you are a lot like I was at this age:
You have lots of friends.
You have your own car.
You are social.
You get good grades but don't put a lot of effort into it.
You want to be successful (and will be) though you're not sure what you want to be.
You have caring parents who would never let you down."


This is my last post as a design team member for Scrap Yourself. Please check the site for a new group of artists.

Digital Elements (2 Peas in a Bucket "French Laundry Fall Photo Edges, Sande Kreiger", "Apothecary Labels, Kerry Stewart")


Lila Castro said...

Hi Cindi
This is just fantastic.. Love the jornaling


Char said...

Wonderful LO Cindy! I love the story about the snow day!

Margo said...

Your youngest turning 18 !!!! what a milestone !
Congrats !!!!!
Love your LO !

Beebeebabs said...

Love your layout you did a nice job tfs!!!

Irene said...

Awesome photo, page and journaling! Great details, and it sounds like a fun day!

Karen Shady said...

WOW.. love all the details in this...

KateB said...

Great LO-you are a strong journaler! it's sweet when your kids still let you take their picture!Don't know about you, but I'm kinda tired of snow right about now.

Micupoftea~ said...

Great journaling, wonderful candid photo of you two. I like the paper choice and how you embellished the clock & added a tape measure. My dd just turned 18 recently too.

Fritchey said...

Awesome photo, journaling, and design, my friend! WOW! I totally LOVE how you did the title!

Veronica Mayen said...

This is just beautiful love it!!!!!!!

Trish said...

Fantastic work,great story