Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Farmer's Market, New Day Bakery & Caprese Chicken

We are fortunate to have many local farmer's markets around town, one on Saturday, one on Tuesday and one at the hospital where I work on Wednesday.  I like that I can usually buy small bunches of products.

I combined  a farmer's fingerling potatoes with fresh picked wax beans for the vegetable.  That's local cantaloupe in the fruit bowl.  

The Caprese Chicken was inspired by a recipe on Pinterest from The Novice Chef.  Saute garlic, onion & pepper strips with fresh basil.  Brown chicken (I used thighs).  Cut chicken in strips.   Splash with balsamic vinegar.  Add sliced fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.  Simmer until cheese melts and chicken is 165 degrees.

The highlight of the meal was the spinach and feta bread from Morgantown's New Day Bakery. We stop most Saturdays and buy the Seven Grain Bread.  We missed them last week when they closed for vacation.  Today their shelves were almost empty, but that small loaf called my name.  Yes, I had more than one piece!

Our frequent buyer card from the bakery will soon earn us a free loaf!


Sharon Fritchman said...

That bread sounds absolutely delicious, Cindy! And thanks for sharing your recipe with us!

Sandie Edwards said...

The recipes you're sharing sound so nice Cindy. Its nice to support local, fresh produce... did so myself a few days ago, came back with some amazing fresh, tasty vegetables, but I won't buy the eggs again at $7 a carton! Yikes!