Friday, August 23, 2013

Fine Wine

My daughter-in-law, Michelle, asked me to make a page about their trip to Northern California where she and Greg visited a few vineyards.  She tells me they received a lovely thank you note from one of the vineyards, so I place an envelope on the page to hold that.

Michelle has many talents. as does Greg who does the photography.  I was so tickled to read her note to me:  " I was wondering if you would be willing to scrapbook it along with a photo or two of the vineyard. My craft talents lie in fiber arts and I don't think I can knit this a scrapbook page." 

I stamped on a sheet of cork.  One of the "stamps" is a wine cork.  
Finished by inking a Zebra print stencil and adding a few paint drops:
 Happy Friday!


Charlotte Brochu said...

Lovely page and I'm sure they will treasure it!

Connie Mercer said...

how clever to stamp on the cork sheet. Love the look. Wish I had all of those corks from the wine bottles. Would make something cool I'm sure. Awesome page Cindy, she is gonna love it, probably frame it!!!!

Adriana B said...

wonderful work . love the border :)

Tracey Sabella said...

Oh, I love how you stamped the cork to go so perfectly with these photos!! Hmmm . . . A knit scrapbook page?? I have crocheted flowers and lace for my pages, but haven't tried knitting anything for one. :-) ~ Blessings, Tracey

Garden of Grace

Micupoftea said...

LOVE the sheet of cork you used, Cindy- brilliant :)