Saturday, April 24, 2010

Could have been a Biologist

My Mom and sister Terry were tickled (like I was) when our youngest sister Amy sent pictures of her latest nature adventure with her boys. In one photo Amy was holding 2 large salamanders. Her fingernails were painted pink yet her hands were muddy and holding 2 rather large amphibians.

Journaling: "Amy always loved frogs, lizards & butterflies. Mom helped her protect reptile eggs & search for cocoons. Now Amy does that with her boys. Terry says she could just picture Amy working in water with her fishing boots on."

Pictures of Amy show her at age 40 and at age 10.


Darien said...

What a Beautiful lo!! With such amazing design and pictures! Love the story!!!!

Kay said...

See now that's a skill I don't! lol Not sure if I could carry salamanders like that...great job documenting this...